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Drone Inspection Services

Aerial pictures and video for documentation purposes

Why drones?

Inspections via drone are more affordable, safer and efficient.


Pictures and/or videos for documentation


Pictures and/or videos for documentation 


Get aerial pictures/video taken of your construction site including 2D/3D mapping.

Guaranteed results

Drone technology is replacing outdated methods of surveying, saving you money by allowing for an easier and safer process to collect accurate data with no human error. Using drones can avoid a physical risk to your companies most valuable asset, your employees. The average cost of a fall from an elevation is more than $45,000. If the fall is fatal this cost can skyrocket up to $850,000 or more. Don't take that risk when you can save time and money using a drone. We have federally licensed pilots that carry insurance giving you peace of mind. You save money, you save time, and you could save a life! 

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