Airobird Pilot FAQ

How do I get contacted for work?

You will be contacted for work via email or phone when a job comes up. We will include information like the date, time, job description, and anything else youll need to know in order to complete the task.

How do I get paid?

You'll get paid via paypal upon customer payment and job completion.

How do I send the files over to Airobird after job completion?

We use dropbox to download our files so youll need to make an account if you do not already have one. Once you create your account you upload your files to dropbox and then create a share link and make sure the files downloadable. (If you do not know how to do this we have a video tutorial in the training) You then send over an email to "" with the link within 8 hours of job completion. The subject of your email should be the address of the property. Once we see your email we will send a confirmation letting you know we recieved your email with the files.

Do I have to edit any of the video or pictures I take?

No. We handle all the editing. Your job is to go out and get the best images and video possible. After you get the shots youll just send them over via Dropbox link to our email. Thats it! You'll then get paid upon customer payment and job completion.

What video format do I shoot in?

We always want video shot in 4K 60 FPS. Make sure the video your capturing is NOT over exposed. We want the best video possible with no banding, or over exposure. Please always shoot in D-Cinelike. Video that does not meet our requirements will not be accepted, payment will be held, and a retake of the shots may be requried. Its always better to get more footage than you actually need.

What format should I shoot pictures in?

Please shoot pictures in "Raw" format. Shot in D-Cinelike, and avoid over exposed shots. Its prefered to take a single shot in 3 different exposures. This assures that youll be getting a perfect image. However it is not required to shoot in 3 different exposures if you feel the image is not over exposed. Use your photographers eye but at the same time please recognize that we will not accept pictures that appear over exposed, payment will be held, and a retake may be required. Always remember that you should take more shots then needed just to keep yourself covered.