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Shooting Real Estate

Shooting real estate is a big part of working with Airobird. We want to make sure to provide clients with beautiful aerial shots. Aerials show a different perspective, they make a listing stand out from the rest. In this video I go over different shooting techniques and show you how to shoot the best real estate video you can. It's not just about flying the drone. Its about being creative and having a photographers eye.


Things to note:

- Always shoot video in 4K 60 Frames Per Second

- Always shoot photos in raw

- Always shoot in D-Cinelike

- Use features like "point of interest" and "active track" to help you get the best shots.

Residential Properties: 

- 10 Video Clips (At Least 20 Seconds Each)

- At least 30 different photos (different angles, heights, and exposures) 


Commercial Properties: 

- 10-15 Video Clips (At Least 20 Seconds Each)

- At least 45 different photos (different angles, heights, and exposures)

RECOMMENDED: Shoot each shot you take in 3 different exposers to avoid over exposed shots. Overexposed shots will not be accepted. Submitting overexposed images/video will result in you having to reshoot the shots and payment will be withheld until we receive the proper images.

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